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  • to practice vocabulary food by talking about the items you need to purchase at the grocery.
  • to review the verb “GUSTAR“.

Skills: Speaking



(Of course you don’t have to use my context but you can be creative and make your own)

You are hosting 2 Spanish Exchange students and they are at the end of their stay. To show their appreciation they would like to cook some tradition Spanish meals for you and your family but they need some ingredients. Your mother heads to the grocery but they wrote the list in Spanish. Help your mother pick the items in the supermarket.

There are 3 lists of ingredients for each dish they want to cook. The items that are ticked off ✅ means that you already have these items at home. Help you mother pick up the items that are needed to create this dish. 


There are draggable elements in this presentation so your students should have fun with this activity. 

  • You would need to open the presentation in full screen mode by clicking on the two arrows on the bottom right of the screen.
  • A student would a list that he/she would like to work on by clicking on the shopping cart icon above each list. 
  • Each icon will lead you to a page that with a list of items to place in your shopping cart. 
  • Each list is a different level of difficulty but students must know their vocabulary beforehand.
  • Also, in each list some items are ticked off which means that you already have these items at home.
  • Students are asked to choose the items that you need and place in the shopping cart.
  • When they are finished placed the correct items in the shopping cart, you then go back to the front page and choose another cart until all three (3) lists have been completed.


  • To practice the verb GUSTAR, click on the question mark icon on the bottom, right of the screen. It will lead you a page where students can ask each other whether they like specific food items. If they answer: “Sí, me gustan los chorizos”, drag the picture of the chorizos under ME GUSTA(N).

You can continue this orally until most students have given an answer. 


The last activity on the presentation requires students to guess , according to the ingredients list if the ingredients would make a breakfast, lunch or dessert and which dish can be made with which ingredients list. 

  • The first icon on the top, right (pencil) will give them the ability to draw lines to match each list to the appropriate dish.

💡 As a starter activity, have students try to identify (in Spanish) as many grocery items on the shelves as they can.