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This lesson is one where you get to explore a bit of French culture with your kiddos.


  • to learn about music in the French-Speaking World

Music is the universal language and what better way to get student interesting in learning a language than through music. I usually use Stromae’s music 💓💓💓 during the first week of French to get my students enthused about learning.

This presentation requires internet as I have embedded several YouTube music videos so that students can get a good taste of what music in the French-speaking world sounds like. My students loved it! I remember during my follow-up zoom session, students were eager to share which artiste was the best and whose music was most enjoyable to listen to.

This resources doesn’t have to done during a live session. 

Using the flipped classroom module, you can post this a few days before you teach the topic of music so that student can truly appreciate what they hear on their own. 


The instructions for this presentation are very simple:

  • Click on the images below to learn more about each singer. Wherever you see an icon, click to get more information.
  • The hand icon on the top of each singer would give some interesting nuggets of information about his/her life.
  • The TV icon below will lead to the embedding music video.
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Don’t get nervous, I have watched each video to make sure that they are pg.

To test to see whether they have properly interacted with the content, you can give then play a short Quizizz game at the start of the next class or for homework. Click here to duplicate the Quizizz Trivia based on the presentation I created. You can even have a class competition and give out a reward for the winner as an incentive.