Teaching Tips for the No-Tech Classroom

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As my first blog post, it is only fitting that I think about those teachers who may not have the privilege of having access to technology in the classroom or even those who rely on technology to engage their students, which is not always the best method because technology can fail. (I was there once!)

The art of teaching is unique as we learn how to take the brush of instruction and paint the minds of our young ones with the knowledge we have attained throughout our years of experience. In turn, they get to take that brush away from us and paint the world through their interpretation of the knowledge gained.

The use of technology in the classroom can never replace this art. Although many teachers feel the disadvantage of their schools not well-equipped with the latest computer labs and projectors, the classroom experiences can still be fun and super engaging.

It is normal for teachers in the 21st century to feel the limitations of the NO-TECH classroom.  

So, no tech, no sweat! Class can still be enjoyable!

Here are 10 low-prep, no-tech activities you can do in your classroom to keep students engaged:

Summary of Infographic:

  1. Ball Games
  2. Fly Swat
  3. Emoji Puzzles
  4. Hidden Message (Sticky Notes)
  5. Board Games
  6. Charades with a twist
  7. Classroom Musical
  8. Telephone Game


  • Always have a stack of paper, a ball, whiteboard markers on hand. These come in so handy when you need to quickly grab one of these activities to increase classroom engagement.
  • HAVE FUN WITH YOUR KIDDOS! These games may provoke some noise but we’ll call it educational noise. No sweat!