This activity focuses on describing yourself, likes and dislikes, personality descriptions.


I had so much fun creating this little reading comprehension game and I am super delighted to share this with you! Like, I’m seriously pumped!

One thing that I have STRUGGLED with is, getting my students to want to read in the target language. I created this little game thinking of the concepts behind those online dating sites or shows that match persons based on their compatibility.

I used it during one of my online classes and my students were super excited to find out who is Marc’s chosen girl. They even started weirdly commenting on the looks of each Bitmoji avatar!

This can be used online or in the classroom.

An extensive vocabulary list is embedded in the activity if you want to use this as a learning tool instead of practice material or even as homework.

It is self-explanatory so get into it, hun!

  • To view the display on full screen, click on the three dots (bottom right) and choose the symbol with the two arrows.
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